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Computer Program Examples

Program Example Program Name
1. Building Water Vapor Transmission & Condensation Analysis VAPOR41
2. Ductwork Heat Loss or Heat Gain & Condensation Analysis DUCTDEW1
3. Insulated Pipe or Flat Surface Heat Loss or Heat Gain INSULING1
4. Psychrometrics of Air & Water Vapor Mixtures -100 F to 5,000 F ASHCRTL2
5. Properties of Compressed Air ASHCRTL2
6. Belt Drive Loss BELTLOSS
7. Fan Performance Analysis FAN9KP40
8. Viscosity of Wet Air Used in Air Pressure Drop Analysis VISCAIR9
9. Water Vapor Pressure From -148 F to 705.398 F KKWEXPRT
10. Hood Air Systems & Steam Sizing for Paper Machine Dryer Hoods HOOD
11. Natural Gas (or any Combustible Gas) Piping Pressure Drop NGPIP39
12. Control Valve Sizing for Water, Steam, Paperstock or Gases VALVES31
13. Steam Properties & Boiler Feedwater Properties ENTROPY1
14. Steam Properties With Complete Page of Steam Table Data TABLES
15. Steam Turbine Performance Analysis TURNVARN
16. Steam Desuperheater Performance Analysis DESUPER
17. Biomass Fuels - Calculated HHV (Btu/lb) Values BIOMASS5
18. Standard Natural Gas - Properties & Combustion Air Requirements NGBULT77
19. Combustible Gases such as Propane, Methane, Anaerobic Digestor Gas,
20. Steam Boiler Efficiency Program for Many Different Types of Fuels BOILER1
21. Steam Boiler Efficiency Program - Allows for a Multiple Fuel Feed BOILER3
22. Flue Gas Specific Heat (Btu/lb -F) and Enthalpy (Btu/lb) for Numerous
23. Flue Gas Temperature and Heat in the Flue Gas Flow (Btu/hour)
24. Flame Temperature Calculation Procedure Using the Calculated
25. Acid Dew Point Temperature for 5 Typical Acid Gases ACID5C
26. Complete Energy Analysis Diagram for a Natural Gas High Efficiency
27. Complete Psychrometric & Thermodynamic Analysis of All Systems for
28. Industrial Sized Coal Fired Steam Boiler Plant Energy Analysis Diagram
29. Horsepower to Compress Gases. Polytropic Compression Process COMPGAS
30. Kraft Black Liquor Recovery Boiler Efficiency Program MARECVRY

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Methods of Calculating Water Recovery From Air Conditioning Cooling Coils
( PDF Only )

Boiler Analysis ( PDF )

Water Vapor Migration &
Condensation Control in Buildings
( PDF )

Dehumidification ( PDF )

Compressed Air ( PDF )

Cost of Electricity & Air Emissions from Systems ( PDF )

Waterborne Freight Fuel Consumption Efficiency ( PDF )

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