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Combustible Gases such as Propane, Methane, Anaerobic Digestor Gas, Coal Gasification Gas & Municipal Waste Pyrolysis Gasification Gas

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This program will calculate the combustible gas properties which can be a mixture of 26 different gases. The fuel property inputs required are:
a. Gas Temperature (F)
b. Barometric Pressure
c. Gage Pressure
d. Percent Volume of Each Gas in the Mixture

The program calculates the following Gas Mixture Properties:
e. HHV(Btu/lb)
f. HHV (Btu/ft3)
g. LHV (Btu/lb)
h. LHV (Btu/ft3)
i. Gas Molecular Weight (lbs mass/mole)
j. Gas Density (lb/ft3)
k. Combustion Air Required
l. Combustion Analysis

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Computer Program Example

Example Analysis of SYNGAS Produced from Pyrolysis Gasification of Municipal Solid Waste:


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