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Steam Boiler Efficiency Program for Many Different Types of Fuels

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This program calculates the Boiler Efficiency for Steam Boilers. The program can handle many different types of fuels including bark, coal, oil, natural gas, other gases and other fuels. Also the program calculates the amount of air needed for combustion and the mass flow and volume flow of Flue Gas. The inputs to run this program include:
a. Boiler Rated Capacity: (lbs steam/hour)
b. Boiler Load During Test: (lbs steam/hour)
c. Number of Water Walls:
d. Percent Boiler Continuous Blowdown:
e. Steam Header Pressure : (psig)
f. Steam Header Temperature: (F)
g. Boiler Drum Pressure: (psig)
h. Feedwater Temperature: (F)
i. Fuel Supply Source: (County or state)
j. Fuel Type:
(1) Bark
(2) Coal
(3) Oil
(4) Natural Gas
(5) Other Fuel
k. Fuel Consumption During Test: (lbs/hour)
l. Fuel Properties (Percent Mass Wet Basis)
(1) Provided by program if you picked (1), (2), (3) or (4)
(2) Percent Carbon
(3) Percent Hydrogen
(4) Percent Sulfur
(5) Percent Oxygen
(6) Percent Nitrogen
(7) Percent Water
(8) Percent Ash
(9) Fuel HHV (Btu/lb)as received
m. Percent Excess Air
n. Percent Unburned Carbon in the Ash:
o. Inlet Combustion Air Temperature: (F)
p. Flue Gas Discharge Temperature: (F)
q. Combustion Air Wet Bulb Temperature: (F)
r. Plant Elevation Above Sea Level for Determination of Air Pressure: (ft)
s. Enter Manufacturers Percent Margin of Unaccounted Loss:

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