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Viscosity of Wet Air Used in Air Pressure Drop Analysis

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In order to calculate air pressure drops an engineer must first calculate the Reynolds Number for the air flow, which requires the input of the Air Absolute Viscosity. Because the calculation for wet air viscosity is very complex and time consuming most engineers will use a simplified equation for Dry Air Viscosity which is not very accurate. This program however does the calculation for Wet Air Viscosity (in centipoise) and it calculates the Dry Air Viscosity with the following inputs:

1. Air Dry Bulb Temperature (F)
2. Mole Fraction of Water Vapor In The Mixture: (mole of water vapor/mole wet air)
or (ft3 of water vapor/ft3 of wet air)

The Mole Fraction of water vapor in the mixture is an output variable in our Psychrometric Computer Program which calculates air and water vapor mixture properties.

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Example #1 - Calculation of Wet Air Viscosity Program Input Data

1. Dry Bulb Temperature: 100 F
2. Mole Fraction of Water Vapor in the Wet Air: 0.012933 mole water vapor/mole wet air


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