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Control Valve Sizing for Water, Steam, Paperstock or Gases

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This computer program can be used to size a control valve or to calculate the pressure drop or flow through an existing control valve. The program can handle liquids, paper stock, steam or gases. Listed below are some of the inputs to run the program.

A. Valve Selections
Conventional Valves
1. Single/Double Seat (6 inch to 12 inch)
2. Cage Valve
High Recovery Valves
3. Cam Flex
4. Ball
5. Rotary Plug (Dezurik etc.)
6. Butterfly

B. Calculation Choice
1. Size Valve
2. Calculate Pressure Drop
3. Calculate Flow

C. Enter Estimated or Known Valve Body Size (such as 2 for 2 inch body)

D. Enter the Valve (Flow Control) Characteristics
1. Equal Percentage
2. Linear

E. Enter Fluid Type
1. Liquid
2. Paper Stock
3. Steam
4. Gas

F. Enter the Flow Quanity (Number only no engineering units)

G. Enter the Flow Quanity Units
1. GPM
2. lb/hr

H. Enter the Line Pressure (Psi)

I. Enter the Flowing Temperature (F)

J. Is the Fluid Water? (Y/N)

K. Enter the Valve Pressure Drop (psi) Known or estimated

L. Select one of the Following Piping Constructions
1. Inlet and Outlet Reducers on Valve are the Same Size.
2. It has Reducer on Inlet Only
3. It has Reducer on Outlet Only
4. Inlet and Outlet Reducers are Different Sizes
5. Pipe Size and Valve Size are the Same

M. Enter the Pipe Schedule ( Schedule 5, 10, 40, 80 etc.)

N. Pipe Material Choices
1. Steel
2. Stainless Steel

O. Is the Fluid a mixed Phase Flow (Y/N) ? Such as fluid and Vapor

P. Enter the Name of the Fluid (Such as "Water")

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Water Control Valve Sizing for Steam Desuperheater
Example Hand Calculation

Control Valve Sizing (PDF)


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