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140,000 SCFM Direct Fired Natural Gas Make-Up Air System With
a 13,000,000 BTU/hr Maxon Burner

250,000 False Ceiling Exhaust System -1 (PDF)
250,000 False Ceiling Exhaust System -2 (PDF)

Paper Mill Roof Heating System to Prevent Roof Condensation
Steam Heated Outside Air Intake

Tarp Canopy Over the Paper Machine Wet End to Prevent Condensation
Drippage onto the Machine of No. 6 Paper Machine in Naheola, Alabama


Methods of Calculating Water Recovery From Air Conditioning Cooling Coils
( PDF Only )

Boiler Analysis ( PDF )

Water Vapor Migration &
Condensation Control in Buildings
( PDF )

Dehumidification ( PDF )

Compressed Air ( PDF )

Cost of Electricity & Air Emissions from Systems ( PDF )

Waterborne Freight Fuel Consumption Efficiency ( PDF )

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