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Steam Properties & Boiler Feedwater Properties

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This computer program calculates the properties of steam. The program inputs are Elevation in feet above Sea Level (used to establish the Barometric Pressure), the Steam Pressure in PSIG or PSIA and the Steam Temperature. You also can input the Boiler Feedwater Temperature to get the properties of the Boiler Feedwater. Listed below are the properties of the Steam that the program provides:

1. Steam Enthalpy (Btu/lb)
2. Steam Entropy (Btu/lb-F)
3. Steam Specific Volume (ft3/lb)
4. Steam Specific Weight (lb/ft3)

If you are doing a Boiler Analysis and you want the properties of the Boiler Feedwater you can input the Feedwater Temperature and the program will provide the following Feedwater Properties:

1. Feedwater Enthalpy (Btu/lb)
2. Feedwater Entropy (Btu/lb-F)
3. Feedwater Specific Volume (ft3/lb)
4. Feedwater Specific Weight (lb/ft3)

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Example #1 - Steam Properties Program Input Data

1. Steam Properties:
Pressure = 600 psig
Temperature = 725 F
2. Feedwater Properties:
Temperature = 267 F


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