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Fan Performance Analysis

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This program performs very advanced fan performance calculations. A partial list of the data from this program includes:
1. Fan Static Efficiency
2. Fan Total Efficiency
3. Motor BHP
4. Full Load Shaft Torque at Motor BHP (ft-lbs)
5. Fan Moment of Inertia (lb-ft2)
6. Motor Moment of Inertia (lb-ft2)
7. Belt Slippage Loss Percent
8. Belt Drive Efficiency
9. Total Fan Electricity Consumption (Kw)
10. Annual Electricity Consumption (kwh/yr)
11. Energy Flows
a. Electricity Into Motor : Kw or Btu/hour
b. Motor Inefficiency Energy Loss: Kw or Btu/hour
c. Energy Into Motor Drive Shaft: Kw or Btu/hour
d. Drive System Loss: Kw or Btu/hour
e. Energy Input Into Impeller Drive Shaft: Kw or Btu/hour
f. Fan Total Inefficiency: Kw or Btu/hour
g. Useful Energy Input to the Air or Gas: Kw or Btu/hour
12. Air Conditioning Cost Associated With The Fan Heat: Cost/year


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