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Standard Natural Gas - Properties & Combustion Air Requirements

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There are many different definitions of Standard Natural Gas. This computer analysis was done using the definitions of Standard Natural Gas that I found from my research on this discussion.

a. Total Gas Pressure (Barometric + Gage) : 30.00 inches Hg (Per Pressure Drop Tables)
b. Gas Temperature: 60 F (Per Pressure Drop Tables)
c. Specific Gravity: 0.60 (Used by most Natural Gas Pressure Drop Tables)
d. Molecular Weight: 17.3787 (Determined from Specific Gravity)
e. Gas Density: 0.045914 lb/ft3 (Determined using MW, Temperature and Pressure)
f. Fuel High Heat Value HHV (Btu/ft3) : 1040 Btu/ft3 (Some use 1000 Btu/ft3)

The attached computer analysis was completed by changing the Natural Gas Component Gases until the above criteria was a match. The attached analysis also gets into combustion analysis for a assumed percent excess air of 10 % and a Fuel Consumption of 5,000,000 Btu/hr.

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Computer Program Example


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