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Complete Psychrometric & Thermodynamic Analysis of All Systems for a Low Efficiency Natural Gas Induced Draft Furnace

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NGINSIT7 Combustion analysis. Shows the amount of the combustion air, the mass flow of the flue gases, water vapor from combustion and from combustion air, and H2SO4 acid dew point temperature. It also provides all the natural gas properties.
COMB-AIR Psychrometric & thermodynamic analysis of the combustion air drawn into the burner.
FLUEGAS Flue Gas Discharge to atmosphere. Provides the mass flows of dry gases and water vapor, the flue gas temperature, the enthalpy (Btu/lb) and the energy flow (Btu/hour).
HOMEAIR This is a psychrometric & thermodynamic analysis of the home air entering the furnace to be heated.
HEATEDAR This is a psychrometric & thermodynamic analysis of the heated air delivered to the home.
FLAMETEM Provides the adiabatic flame temperature at the burner based on the energy inputs of fuel and the combustion air and the calculated flue gas mass flows identified with the NGINSIT7 program. This analysis assumes no radiant loss at the burner and no dissociation which can occur at temperatures above 3200 F.
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Complete Energy Analysis for a Lower Efficiency Induced Draft Natural Gas Furnace (PDF)

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