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Biomass Fuels - Calculated HHV (Btu/lb) Values

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This program calculates the Fuel High Heat Value (HHV) for many biomass fuels such as wood, refuse, crops, agricultural residues, foods, fossil fuels, inorganic materials, paper, rubber materials, plant materials (non woody), woody and tree materials and municipal soild waste to mention a few. There are three fuel high heat values that you see in use today including the most popular HHVas received:

a. HHV (Btu/lb wet) with ash and moisture – also called HHV(Btu/lb)as received
b. HHV(Btu/lb bone dry) with ash & without moisture
c. HHV (Btu/lb bone dry) without ash & without moisture

To run these calculations the program needs the Percent Weight Ultimate Analysis (Dry Basis) such as hydrogen, carbon, sulfur, nitrogen oxygen chlorine and ash. The program also needs the Percent Moisture Wet Basis. Also if you input the Wet Mass Flow of the Fuel (lbs wet/hour) the program will calculate Heat Input (Btu/hr)HHV Basis and the Ash Produced (lbs bone dry/hour) and the Mass Flow of Water (lbs water/hour) entering with the Fuel.

This program also calculates the amount of air required for combustion and determines the amount of water vapor in the Flue Gas.

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