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William G. Acker

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William G. Acker has more than twenty-seven years experience in design, engineering and construction in the Pulp & Paper Industry, Steel Foundries, Boiler Plants, Water Treatment Plants, Commercial Buildings, Freezer Storage Facilities and Plastics Manufacturing. As a Senior Project Manager he has successfully managed from conception to completion a unique variety of Engineering Projects. His responsibilities include: request for funding, engineering, supervision of designers and draftsman, equipment sizing and specification, bid preparation, estimating, budgeting, scheduling, cost control, and construction management.

In addition to his experience as a Senior Project Manager, he has also conducted several process audits, energy audits, manpower audits, ventilation surveys, steam, water, paper stock and compressed air piping pressure drop studies, paper machine dryer surveys, paper machine hood surveys, and condensation prevention surveys in an effort to assist plants with their capital budgeting plans. His duties also include the review of audits submitted by outside Consulting engineering firms.

In the field of industrial ventilation, hygieneology, indoor air quality, and condensation control Bill is considered an expert by his peers. The make-up air systems designed and installed at the plants are some of the largest systems in the USA. His largest ventilation project required 1,377,000 SCFM of make-up air with an installed cost of over $8,000,000. Bill and his colleague Nels E. Strand have developed over 50 computer programs which he uses in his work to solve problems, to calculate energy flows and to determine air pollution emissions. These programs are highly recognized by engineers with NIOSH, ASHRAE, NAIMA, NRCA Roofing, AEE and the EPA. These programs are very unique and in many cases cannot be matched by other programs on the market.

Mr. Acker is considered a expert witness in a number of engineering fields and has handled a number of court cases for industrial, commercial and residential facilities. He has been a mentor to younger engineers and has taught classes on HVAC, indoor air quality, air pollution calculations and energy analysis. Mr. Acker is also the author of many engineering articles for HPAC Engineering Magazine, which led to his selection to HPAC's Editorial Advisory Board in May 1999. HPAC's Board is comprised of distinguished professionals serving the HVAC/R industry. In June 2000 Mr. Acker gave a speech at the ABST Energy Conference in Washington, D.C. His speech covered future energy prices, the Kyoto Protocol, and the cost of electricity with each technology.

In June of 2000 Mr. Acker was selected by Professor Brian Merkel (Professor of Human Biology UWGB) for the University Of Wis.Green Bay Eisenhower Professional Development Resources Program, for Learning Science & Mathematics. The objective was to assist in-service and pre-service science and mathematics teachers at the middle and high school levels in developing vital skills and resources which enable them and fellow teachers to effectively engage their students in addressing real world problems and important societal questions and answers. This group handled the topic of PCB's and Mr. Acker's function was to be the Community/Industry Member, and to provide technical calculations on PCB flows, deposition, volatilization, toxicological risk analysis, fish advisory calculations, clean-up costs, sources of PCB's, PCB's in the Food Chain and PCB's in the air we breath and the water we drink, and so on. Mr. Acker donated his time to this group so that teachers could teach this subject to school children.

Mr. Acker continues to develop new computer programs that allow him to push the edge of technology. His strongest attribute is his ability to understand many different engineering fields and his ability to evaluate the economics. He is familiar with life cycle costing, present value and future value of investment schemes, ammoritization, employee wages and benefits costs, wages in other states, wages in other countries, product shipping costs in the USA, overseas shipping costs, inflation, the Consumer Price Inflation Index and the Gross National Product Implicit Price Deflator, to mention a few.

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