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Energy Analysis & Heat Recovery

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1. Psychrometric & Thermodynamics of Air & Water Vapor from -100 F to 5000 F

2. Combustion Analysis and Flue Gas Acid Dew Point

3. Flue Gas & Water Vapor Specific Heat, Enthalpy and Btu/hour energy analysis from
-279 F to 8540 F

4. Boiler Energy Survey – Identifies all Energy Flows Entering (Btu/hr) and all Energy
Flows Leaving (Btu/hr) & Efficiency Determination

5. Steam Turbine Efficiency Analysis

6. Heat Recovery
a. Boiler Economizer
(1) Condensing Heat Exchanger
(2) Non-Condensing Heat Exchanger
b. Air to Air Heat Exchangers
c. Liquid to Liquid Heat Exchangers

7. Ductwork Heat Loss, Heat Gain and Condensation Analysis

8. Pipe Heat Loss, Heat Gain and Condensation Analysis

9. Window Heat Loss, Heat Gain Surface Temperatures and Condensation Analysis

10. Steam & Condensate Recovery Surveys & Steam Heating System Trouble Shooting.

11. Plant Energy Surveys or Ventilation Survey

12. Fan Performance & Energy Survey

13. Compressed Air Energy Survey

14. Cylinder Dryer Hood Survey & Yankee Hood Survey

15. Wind Turbines

16. Photovoltaic Solar Panels

17. Papermill Sludge Incineration or Conversion to Fuel Pellets or Use as a Product

18. Parabolic Mirrors Used To Heat Compressed Hydrogen Which Expands and Drives a
Electric Generator (Parabolic Mirror – Stirling Technology)

19. Parabolic Trough Array Which Heats a Heat Transfer Fluid to Drive a Steam
Generator that Produces Steam for a Steam Turbine Generator. The fluid used in some systems is molten salt which can store the sun's energy so it can be converted to electrical power even when the sun isn't shining

20. Heliostat Mirrors System Which Reflects Incident Sunlight Onto a Receiver Which
Heats a Heat Transfer Fluid (Molten Salt) to Drive a Steam Generator Producing Steam For A Steam Turbine Generator

21. Performance Review of 229 Different Solar Hot Water Heating Panel Systems
a. Glazed Flat Plate
b. Glass Vacuum Tube

22. Industrial Ventilation Surveys & Solving Plant Negative Air Pressure Problems

23. HVAC Surveys

24. Plant Energy Surveys

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Methods of Calculating Water Recovery From Air Conditioning Cooling Coils
( PDF Only )

Boiler Analysis ( PDF )

Water Vapor Migration &
Condensation Control in Buildings
( PDF )

Dehumidification ( PDF )

Compressed Air ( PDF )

Cost of Electricity & Air Emissions from Systems ( PDF )

Waterborne Freight Fuel Consumption Efficiency ( PDF )

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