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Electricity Generation & Estimation of Levelized Cost (cost/kwh)

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1. Coal Fired Boiler- Steam Turbine

2. Coal Fired Boiler- Supercritical Pulverized With Carbon Capture & Storage (CCS)

3. Coal – Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle (IGCC)
a. With or without CCS

4. Natural Gas Simple Cycle Gas Turbine

5. Natural Gas Combined Cycle Gas Turbine
a. With or without CCS

6. Natural Gas Boiler & Steam Turbine

7. Nuclear

8. Wind Turbine

9. #2 Fuel Oil Boiler & Steam Turbine

10. #6 Fuel Oil Boiler & Steam Turbine

11. Hydro Power

12. Wood Fired Boiler (Biomass) & Steam Turbine
a. Or other types of biomass

13. Poultry Litter Boiler Combustion & Steam Turbine

14. Anaerobic Digestion To Produce Biogas Burned In An Engine Generator

15. Municipal Solid Waste Gasification

16. Solar Photovoltaic Solar Panels
a. Crystalline Silicon
b. Thin Film

17. Dish/Engine: Mirrors Used To Heat Compressed Hydrogen Which Expands and
Drives an Electric Generator (Sterling Energy System).

18. Parabolic Trough Array To Heat A Fluid That Produces Steam Used In a Steam

19. Power Tower: Heliostat Mirrors Reflect Incident Sunlight Onto a Receiver That
Heats a Solution of Molten Salt Used To Drive A Steam Boiler & Steam Turbine

20. Geothermal

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