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Dryer & Hood Engineering

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1. Papermachine Dryers
a. Cylinder Dryers
b. High Velocity Impingement Dryers
c. Through Air Dryers
d. Size Press Dryers
e. Pulp Dryers

2. Papermill Sludge Dewatering & Drying
a. Drum Dryer
b. Flash Dryer
c. Airless Dryer
d. Cyclonic Dryer
e. Fluidized Bed Dryer
f. Screw Press
g. Belt Press
h. Ram Compactor

3. Spray Dryers

4. Papermill Cylinder Dryer Hoods
a. Computer Program that Sizes the Exhaust Air & Supply Air for the 4 different Tappi Hoods
(Open Hood, Partially Closed Hood, Totally Enclosed Hood and High Humidity Enclosed Hood). The Program also Calculates Operating Energy Costs (Steam & Electricity).

5. Air Contaminant Fume Hoods
a. Welding Hoods
b. Paint Hoods
c. Hygieneology Methods of Exhust & Supply Air Ventilation Required to Reduce Contaminant
Concentration Levels (grains/ft3) in Rooms.

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Methods of Calculating Water Recovery From Air Conditioning Cooling Coils
( PDF Only )

Boiler Analysis ( PDF )

Water Vapor Migration &
Condensation Control in Buildings
( PDF )

Dehumidification ( PDF )

Compressed Air ( PDF )

Cost of Electricity & Air Emissions from Systems ( PDF )

Waterborne Freight Fuel Consumption Efficiency ( PDF )

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