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Condensation Problem Solving

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1. Papermill Ceiling Condensation Problems
a. Roof Heating Systems
b. Water Vapor Capture Systems (False Ceiling Exhaust)
c. Roof Insulation
d. Reduction of Hood Leakage

2. Papermachine Hood Condensation
a. Hood Repair and Insulation

3. Papermachine Size Press Condensation
a. Water Vapor Capture System
b. Roof Heating System

4. Supermarket Floor Condensation
a. Floor had Insufficient Insulation.

5. Freezer Storage Outside Surface Condensation At A College
a. Floor Insulation Became Damaged Due To Water Infiltration Resulting in Lost Insulation

6. Hospital Window Condensation Problems
a. Water Vapor Flow Into The Metal Frame Of The Window and Then Through the Seal
Allowing Water Vapor Between the Sealed Window Panes.
b. Another Case Where the Window is Insulated in the Wall Causing Condensation.

7. Interior Wall Condensation Mold & Mildew
a. Caused by Outside Air Infiltration Into the Construction Resulting in a Cold Interior Wall
Surface Which Resulted In Interior Water Vapor Condensation on the Cold Wall.

8. Church with Buckled Rubber Flooring
a. Caused by too Much Water Vapor Transmission Through the Concrete Slab on Grade. In
Some Cases this is Due to a Concrete Floor that is Poured with too much Water in the
Concrete Resulting in a Slab With Excess Capillaries that Allow High Water Vapor Transmission.

9. Residential Home with Attic Condensation
a. Tongue & Groove Paneling in the Ceiling or Walls that is not Built Air Tight, Allowing Inside
Air and Water Vapor to Flow From the Home into the Attic.

10. Structural Insulated Panel Homes with Condensation Mold & Mildew and Wood

a. Due to Air Exfiltration because the Home was not Built Air Tight.

11. Ductwork Heat Loss or Heat Gain Computer Program that Checks For Condensation
on the Outside or Inside Duct Surfaces.

12. Pipe Heat Loss or Heat Gain Computer Program that Checks for Condensation on
the Outside Surface of the Pipe.

13. Use of Blower Doors to Pressurize the Building & Video Taped Infrared Scans to
Show a Judge or Jury the Building Problems.

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