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Consulting Engineering

by Acker & Associates

Acker & Associates is a consulting engineering firm founded in 1996 by William G. Acker. His vision was to develop a quality engineering firm with a commitment to the fundamental values of honestly, integrity, fairness and accuracy in engineering. The mission of this firm is to provide innovative practical and top quality consulting engineering to enhance the success of our clients. We believe our first responsibility is to the client. In our business our aim is to build lasting relationships with our clients. To meet this goal we must be worthy of their trust in our ability to help them achieve their goals.

Published Articles

Articles Written by William G. Acker


Methods of Calculating Water Recovery From Air Conditioning Cooling Coils
( PDF Only )

Boiler Analysis ( PDF )

Water Vapor Migration &
Condensation Control in Buildings
( PDF )

Dehumidification ( PDF )

Compressed Air ( PDF )

Cost of Electricity & Air Emissions from Systems ( PDF )

Waterborne Freight Fuel Consumption Efficiency ( PDF )

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Boiler and Plant Operations Water Vapor Migration and Condensation Control in Buildings Industrial Dehumidification Compressed Systems Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions